JTS - Mastpro Projects Pvt. Ltd.

We JTS Group is a Company for providing Turnkey Project Services of Industrial Plants / Machines Lifting, Shifting, Installation & Commissioning, since 2006. Since then We are working successfully with our clients, without any complaint.

JTS GROUP has been in Process Engineering Design, Architecture Design, MEP, EPC, Project Co-ordination (PMC), Machine Installation and Commissioning, Utility Engineering products and solutions to customers.

Our business practices and processes have combined into a singular philosophy of being trusted partners who provide Innovative solutions.

16 Years

JTS GROUP is unique in having extensive expertise in both Installation of Equipment/ Machinery and Instrumentation etc. enabling us to engineer systems that focus on Design, Erection of Plant and utilities management for sectors as diverse as Food & Beverages, Breweries, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Soap, Starch, Tyre & Rubber, Wire, Optical Fiber and Textiles.

JTS Group also familiar as "JTS" in Industries was Registered in the year May-2005 in Pune, Maharashtra Province of India country.

Today the company is giving its services across many Industrial zones in India with more than 10 office locations, including its presence in the top four Industrial States / Province of India.

We Provide Turnkey Project Solutions to all manufacturing sectors in different core and Product for national and internationally.

Our Specialty

All "under one roof / single point contact".


Specialized tools / tackle's for shifting.


Shifting on epoxy coated shop floor's.


More than 25 years of experience of senior leaders.


JTS - Group provide highly technical and professional services in this sectors.


JTS - Group have market privilege with high level of customer satisfaction.


JTS - Group accepts responsibility on their shoulders.


JTS - Group never run-out from their project work responsibilities.


JTS - Group never offloads the projects & do the project on self-supervision & responsibility basis.


Success Story