Ratings, Certifications, Awards Of Appreciation

Noteworthy Achievement And Instances Of Our Capability Overseas Opportunity ( China ) - An example of JTS superior installation capability : In April 2012, a client had a requirement of Installation of Huge Process Line in India. The Process Line was already manufactured in China. The Process Line was in 3 Layers of Machines One - Above - Other. Length of each Layer 90mtr. & Height 4mtr. So Total Installation of Process Line was 270mtr. Length x 12mtr. Height. As Erection & Installation experts, Our team was sent to China to study the machinery. We made a presentation ( our very first overseas presentation ) on how we will install this entire Process Line in India. Our presentation was well - received & appreciated by the Americans ( The Head office people & owner of the Process Line ). We were awarded the Order for Erection & Installation in this International Competition. Overseas Opportunity ( France / Europe ) - Thereafter we were sent to study a Second - hand plant purchased in France & to be Installed in India. We did all the Mechanical & Electrical wiring Study of this plant in France. After the plant was received in India in parts & in disconnected form, we reassembled the parts & rewired entire plant to restart the Process before scheduled time. Now Our capabilities are trusted to such an extent, that our clients are willing to send us overseas to study processes and get the machinery installed in India.

  • CRISIL Rating - SE 2B ( High Performance Capability Moderate Financial Strength ) as on 30th March 2012.
  • Client appreciation certificate records are annexed to this profile.
  • Best Stall Award in Mahatech Exhibition - Our teams are known to give their best, no matter what they do. So our very first exhibition got us an award ( Photos Attached ).
  • Award - "Individual Achievements & National Development" awarded by a Society in New Delhi - All India Achiever's Foundation ( AIAF ) ( Photos Attached ).